Boost for Thousands of Workers as Agreement Reached on Industry’s Largest Pay Deal

Around 200,000 construction workers across the UK will see their pay packets rise following agreement between employers and unions.

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M66 Filament from Pioneer Brush

Pioneer Brush, manufacturers of high quality paintbrushes, have developed a filament that exactly replaces natural bristle at a substantially lower price.

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Apprentice Decorators will Battle it out for Master of the Rolls Title

Apprentice decorators from across the country are hoping that their skills will bring them out on top in our national competition next month.

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Membership Service Notice - Update your Member Profile!

You may have noticed on our new website, our unique FIND A DECORATOR facility, which allows anyone looking for a painter and decorator to enter their postcode and be presented with a list of PDA members in their area. Utilise your member profile pa…

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The New CITB Training Model and Grants Scheme

CITB have now launched their new training model and their new grant scheme. Read more to find out all about it.

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Member Advice - GDPR

Design an effective strategy to achieve GDPR compliance.

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Chorlton Trade Paints Joins PPG Family

PPG are pleased to announce that Chorlton Trade Paints have joined the PPG family, increasing the company’s store network in Greater Manchester to 10.

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The General Assembly of UNIEP

Representatives from across Europe’s painting industry are descending on the North East of England this week to discuss the major industry issues.

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