The premier trade and employers'

association for painting & decorating

contractors in the United Kingdom


Why use a Professional PDA Member?



Britain's largest and longest establishment trade body dedicated solely to the Painting and Decorating trade.

The association offers you, the customer, the security and confidence of knowing that you are placing your most valuable and treasured asset - you home - in the hands of an experienced professional.

All our members' have to meet our strict Membership Criteria upon application and abide by our Code of Practice whilst in membership.

Qualifications & Experience

All PDA members either hold formal qualifications in the painting and decorating craft (City & Guilds, NVQs etc) or have a minimum of five years' experience.

On acceptance into the PDA all members are required to produce evidence that they have been trading under their business name for the minimum of one year.


Before admission to our association, our members have provided several references which have all been thoroughly checked.

There's also opportunity to leave your feedback in the Member Profile area of the website.


PDA members are required to have 'Public Liability Insurance' upon application and are required by law to have this. If you would like peace of mind then all our members would be happy to produce evidence of insurance.


You should be given a specification for the job, and a fixed price quotation or estimate, depending on your preference.

He/she will also clearly explain any additional work which may become necessary in the course of a job, or which you may require, and will give you an idea of the additional costs involved.

Remember - a professional decorator will not expect full payment before he start the job but a deposit may be required.

Only for large contacts, going on several weeks, will staged or interim payments be requested, and these will be agreed at the outset.

Peace of Mind

The PDA will investigate every complaint about a member, and try and resolve all disputes satisfactorily. Independent inspection and meditation is also available, provided free of charge by the association.

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